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Cas is my moon and my stars ♥ Dean Winchester is my freckled sunshine ♥ Abaddon is the one true queen of all♥ The Doctor is my hero ♥ Erik Lehnsherr is my precious little shit


Ok so, I used to be a 100% spn blog but now that's impossible because marvel and game of thrones are taking control over my life, I tag everything tho so you may want to blacklist a few things, don't hesitate to ask me for some tags ♥

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up, up and away / iliyon
Killing me softly
“The boy wanted to become an astronaut so he could wish upon the stars.
But he was afraid of heights.
So he became a diver instead, and he wished upon the starfish.”
— "The Diver", The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

Jensen Ackles at SDCC14.

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castiel in 6.18 frontierland

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